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Supporter Spotlight: Sue and Pat Ruszkowski

One area couple is a shining example of the wonderful individuals and companies who support us in countless ways. Lifelong residents of South Bend, Sue and Pat Ruszkowski have been together for 45 years, have five children and eight grandchildren. Supporting RiverBend has become one way they help fight the cancer battle for others. From their advocacy on behalf of fellow survivors to their time spent in support of the Wellness House, Sue and Pat are a gift to our organization.

In 2008, Sue was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer and it nearly knocked the wind out of both of them. It was devastating news and meant months of chemotherapy, yet Sue fought and beat the cancer. Together, they used the process to strengthen their family.

“We grew closer as a result of the experience,” Sue added. “You no longer put off opportunities to enjoy life together. You re-prioritize what’s important. Our relationship, family and faith moved to the top of our list. We’re stronger in love and support as a family because of the experience.”

It was how they first learned of RiverBend. “Going through this experience, you better appreciate how many people are affected by cancer and the need for a team of supporters,” Sue said. “Fighting cancer is a life-changing experience that stays with you.”

“Life is precious, something not to be taken for granted,” Pat said. “We will help fight cancer and find cures the rest of our lives.”

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