When cancer touches your life, it's important to have someone who can be there to help just when you need it most. You count on them to lighten the load, lend an ear, and dry a tear. At RiverBend's Wellness House, you'll find support comes in many forms. We're here for you--just when you need it most.

We understand your diagnosis can be extremely overwhelming, and we don't want you to face it alone. That's why we began a Client Advocacy program. Our client advocates are ready and willing to attend doctor's appointment with you, pick up groceries or visit you in the hospital. No matter the obstacle you are facing, we want you to know you have someone to rely on.


For more information on Client Advocacy or to refer a loved one to our Client Advocate Program, call (574) 287-4197.


There is somebody who understands. Cancer doesn't just take its toll on the body; it can be mentally and emotionally exhausting as well. We can help with specialized counseling for you and your family. Individual sessions are designed to deal with anxiety, depression, stress management, lifestyle changes, decision-making and coping with a serious condition. Our licensed counselors provide individualized counseling and support groups to help you and your family...


  • Adjust emotionally to the cancer diagnosis

  • Overcome depression, anxiety and stress

  • Stay committed to a treatment regimen

  • Cope with side effects caused by cancer

  • Help parents discuss cancer with their children

  • Help a brother or sister adjust to a siblings cancer diagnosis.

Children, teens adults, family groups and
caregivers are welcome.  

For more information on our Cancer Counseling Services call RiverBend Cancer Services, call (574) 287-4197.


Sometimes the greatest form of healing is sharing your story with others. We have several different support groups that meet at various times throughout the month, for a listing of dates and times, please see our Wellness Program Guide or Wellness Program Calendar. Newcomers are always welcome. We would love to see you there!


For more information on Support Groups, call (574) 287-4197.


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