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Third Party Fundraiser

We live in a generous community. Both individuals and organizations can and have hosted third party fundraisers - spending their own time and money to organize a fundraiser to benefit the RiverBend Cancer Services. Donations from these fundraisers can go to support the broad mission of RBCS, a particular service, or to our endowment fund. If you have a passion for a specific area, we will work with you to ensure your donation goes directly to that area.

If you are interested in hosting your own third-party event to benefit the RBCS, please call us at 574-287-4197. We can offer guidance to help make your event a success and discuss options for marketing the event that may be available.


*Please note that RBCS cannot manage financial transactions, provide insurance, authorize the use of our tax exemption number, share donor/client information for any third-party fundraisers.

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