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Third Party Fundraiser

We live in a generous community. Both individuals and organizations can and have hosted third party fundraisers - spending their own time and money to organize a fundraiser to benefit the RiverBend Cancer Services. Donations from these fundraisers can go to support the broad mission of RBCS, a particular service, or to our endowment fund. If you have a passion for a specific area, we will work with you to ensure your donation goes directly to that area.

We welcome the help of grateful clients and families, civic organizations, churches, schools, businesses, or anyone interested in supporting cancer survivors. We ask that you contact us with a proposal for events for approval and official endorsement. Informal fundraisers such as bake sales, personal social media donation requests, or fundraiser that does not need the use of the RiverBend Cancer Services logo do not need prior approval.


Community fundraising ideas are boundless! We suggest thinking of something that you enjoy – you will have fun and support local cancer survivors and their families. Some successful ideas we have seen in the past: birthday, anniversary, cocktail parties that request donations instead of gifts, independent business give back programs, and even school fundraisers! Don’t let this short list fool you – there are millions of creative ways to support RiverBend and EVERY CENT IMPACTS SOMEONE LIVING WITH CANCER. 


If you are interested in hosting your own third-party event to benefit the RBCS, please call us at 574-287-4197 or email Laura Baker at lbaker@riverbendcancerservices. We can offer guidance to help make your event a success and discuss options for marketing the event that may be available.


*Please note that RBCS cannot manage financial transactions, provide insurance, authorize the use of our tax exemption number, share donor/client information for any third-party fundraisers.