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When you have cancer, you get your fill of doctors and nurses. At RiverBend Wellness House, there are no clinical charts or hospital beds--just a welcoming place filled with caring people here to help you get strong. For more information, call (574) 287-4197 or email us at


Because of the generosity of others, RiverBend has a supply of durable medical equipment to lend.  If you are in need of a walker, bath bench or even medical supplies or incontinence products, please contact us. 


Cancer is expensive, even for those with health insurance. For those with limited financial means, living or working in Saint Joseph County, Indiana, RiverBend Cancer Services can help pay for prescriptions drugs associated with cancer and pain management. In addition, we can help you receive assistance to cover the costs of other cancer-related supplies. RiverBend Cancer Services can also help you by coordinating applications for other financial assistance programs. Let us assist with the paperwork process and ease your burden. 


Nutrition is important to healing and recovering from surgery as well as maintaining your health and strength during radiation and chemotherapy.  Sometimes nausea, fatigue and other affects of treatment make it difficult to maintain or gain weight. RiverBend Cancer Services is committed to your health and will provide nutritional supplements during treatment.

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